Masseria Didattica Carrisi
Contrada Curtipeptrizzi, 72020 Cellino San Marco
0831 619211


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Here are some proposals:

Natural itinerary “Pure Air”: a travel in Curtipitrizzi wood, walking through the nature, among olive trees and vineyards with horses and ponies, to know the wood plants and spontaneous biodiversity and to sensitize people to the rythms of nature and to the respect of the environment.

“Foot on the ground: the farmer’s work”: in the farm you can take part to the working process just in some periods of the year, to promote the importance and the social role of agriculture: a project which aims at reinforcing the knowledge of the territory, of the productions, of the rural history and life.

“Kneading…the tradition”.

A simple and funny way to learn the production of bread and sweets of the traditions, as our grandmothers used to do: pucce, friselle, pizzicarieddhi, the home made pasta with the possibility to make bread, pasta and sweets of the tradition.


Masseria Didattica Tenute Carrisi

“I will leave. I’ll be a singer and, coming back, I’ll create a winery for you”. Al Bano left the little town of Cellino San Marco, in the heart of Salento, and from the poverty, saying those words to his father Don Carmelo. The promise was honoured. The winery Al Bano Carrisi was born with a white line of wine called “Don Carmelo”. Today there is a production of 10 kinds of wine, grappa, sparkling wine and an excellent olive oil. Red, rosé and white wine comes from 40-75 years old vineyards, including Primitivo, Negramaro, Salice Salentino, Chardonnay and Aleatico. Respecting the soil features, according to a rigid local tradition, the row cultivated vineyard guarantee the best grapes quality. In fact those grapes are controlled, in a way that the product can be picked up and worked in its maturation time.

The main aim of the farm, as a didactical farm, is to make people aware of the land tradition, reliving some direct aspects, showing the farming activity and the cultivation cycle, the preparation of simple meals and the food farming production process, the soil and water importance, the plant and animal life, the hand ability, the farmer’s expertise and the agricultural role in the environment.

Coordinates GPS:
40° 29’ 39’ N
17° 55’ 5’’ E

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