Fattoria Due Sorelle
Contrada Marciaddare, 72020 Cellino San Marco
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The didactical proposals are:

“From the grass to cheese”: to know the story of cheese and to understand that its good taste starts with the sheep’s nutrition. Transformation of milk into derivatives and tasting of the fresh ricotta cheese.

“Hands in pasta”: from the flour to focaccia and/or biscuits with sugar. Hands activity with flour according to the traditional recipes.

“Let’s cultivate the land”: we sow vegetables and/or we plant a little tree. We learn the processes of cultivation, and the sowing time and procedures.

“Let’s discover the edible genuine beet top”, weed and beautiful grass and its secrets.

“Let’s compost in a good way”: the compost, from garbage to resource for your garden.

“Let’s learn in the farmer’s kitchen”: smells and secrets of the Apulian meals, linked to the farming tradition.

“Our friend”: we create a scarecrow using recycled materials.

These are some of the proposals of this farm.


Fattoria Due Sorelle di Stefano Giuseppe

The farm “Due Sorelle” of Stefano Giuseppe, placed in Cellino San Marco, Brindisi, works particularly in the zootechnical branch. The farm is developped on about 70 hectares and it is placed among the areas of Cellino San Marco, San Pietro Vernotico and Brindisi, on lands rich for their biodiversity. In the structure there are almost 400 sardinian kind sheeps, cows, pigs, donkeys and other courtyard animals and it is equipped with a cheese factory and a shop. The Farm Due Sorelle is a didactical farm. The itinerary starts with the visit to the farm: the animals, the milk transformation in cheese, involving the guests directly, the products tasting and the participation to labs such as that of the wool, the straw and the wheat.

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