Masseria didattica Villa Buontempo
Contrada Buontempo, 72021 Francavilla Fontana
0831 841009


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The five senses itinerary:

the itinerary aims at the stimulation and the use of the five senses to implement the curiosity and support the creative ability through the observation and the contact with animals, the visit of the biological orchard, olive tree, vineyard or the wood where tasting, smelling and getting your hands dirty with the lab “A special art with special colors”.

“The farmer of yesterday and the countryside of today”: this itinerary compares the knowledge of the past and that of today, innovative, aiming at an ecofriendly agriculture. Knowing the past rural society by the visit of the ancient structures of the farm, of the museum of the old tools and the photo exhibition.

“The Mediterranean diet”: the itinerary gives the guidelines for the healthy nutrition taking into account the food pyramid, giving a particular attention to the model of the mediterranean diet. By the lab “you’ll be acidic” you can discover the features and the use of the extravirgin olive oil, citrus, cereals, grapes and forgotten fruit taking part to the harvest and the tasting.

“Art to the open air”: now, Nature is the model! Coloured flowers, big trunks, funny animals, any particular thing which touches our attention to be represented in different forms of art: poetry, painting, sculpture, mosaic.. shades caught just if you are in contact with nature, in a space which stimulates your senses, your creative ability and inventiveness.


Masseria didattica Villa Buontempo

Villa Buontempo, union between history and nature.

The Earth is a mother: this is the phylosophy of the company which has the value of the agriculture as the base for the human development. They organize events in the suggestive villa with its noble Palace, the towers, the snow storage and the old little church of one of the 7 protecting Virgins of Francavilla Fontana: the Madonna of Buontempo.

It is surrounded by the farm with its monumental olive trees, the local vineyards, the biological orchards and the mediterranean wood. They offer tastings, the products sale, tours by bike, overnights, guided tours: natural itineraries, historical-cultural ones, food farming ones and environmental ones for those who would like to know the nature rythm, products and secrets. As a didactical farm, it offers itineraries for the nursery school, the primary and the secondary schools, the agrarian school, families, adults and tourists.

Coordinates GPS:
40° 75’ Nord
17° 52’ Est

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