Azienda Agricola Melillo
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Seasonable labs

Didactical Itinerary about grapes.

The itinerary about grapes lets the analysis of the botanical, historical and cultural aspects of the grapes, one of the most important plant species which deeply conditioned the evolution of the mediterranean societies. Teenagers can observe the vineyard, the produced grapes and they can analyze the most important agricultural machines for the working of this product. The process which goes from the harvest to the final product is carefully chased: children can taste the products they picked up and transformed describing the sensory qualities, colors and smells.

Didactical itinerary about honey.

The itinerary about honey lets children and adults to know the complex and wonderful social organization of  bees, the honey, wax and propolis production dynamic, precious substances whose benefits are just partially known, whose origin and destination are unknown.


Azienda Agricola Melillo

The vine plantation, that of the olive-trees and some other local varieties of the Mediterranean scrub are a treasure for the Apulian land. Not just for its genuine products, but most of all for what the link to this land can teach. As the passion for the rural world, the amazement for the good and beautiful things, the welcome culture. Born from the mastery of the vine plantation of the great-grand-father Domenico Melillo, today the three brothers Giampiero, Maurizio and Rosa relaunch the family company with passion. Their mission is to produce high quality wine from their vineyards, placed in the rich and sunny land of the Alto Salento. Paying attention to the value and the safeguard of the local wine tradition, they use the most innovative wine knowledges and tools. They chose to realize the weeding just in a mechanical way and not by means of synthesis products. In this way they can produce good and clean kinds of wine, with the aim of exalting the drinking ability and having more ambitious labels.

They produce oil, honey, fruit and vegetable. Each production process is based on the biodiversity safeguard and the environmental sustainability. As a didactical farm approved by the Apulia Region, they organize projects and educational activities for adults and children but also lessons of the typical Apulian cooking with the aim of combining healthy food and aware nutrition and the taste of the old traditions.

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