Masseria Piutri
Contrada Piutri, Torchiarolo
0831 680049


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school, the primary and secondary schools.

Here are the proposals:

The production cycles: wheat, olives, grapes, fruit and vegetables.

The transformation cycle: from wheat to bread, pasta and sweets.

The transformation cycle from fruit to jams.

The vegetable garden itinerary;

the honey itinerary;

animals observation;

cooking of mediterranean meals.


Masseria Piutri

Surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and vineyards, the old Farm Piutri is extended 14 hectares. Encircled in all its sides by dry stone walls, typical of the Salento rural landscape and culture, it seems like a fortress for its favored position near the Adriatic Sea and the famous archeological site of Valesio.

Its position offers a suggestive landscape, among vineyards, olive-trees, figs, cherry-trees and almond trees. In the farm there are also some courtyard animals. The didactical farm Piutri offers guided tours and tasting-didactical labs to rediscover the quality of their typical products, for a contact with nature and the rural environment. Realizing an authentic tasting lab where there is the farming production means to know and to contribute to safeguard and give value to the food patrimony as a completing part of the storical-cultural identity.

In fact, children and teenagers often ignore the rural production system which connects food to the land and to the work necessary for the production. The quantitative and qualitative problems linked to the production chains and to the freshness of the biological products, of the animals and plants life and biodiversity. In this sense, Farm Piutri is an important resource for schools because it promotes the culture of food genuiness and the cunsomer’s defense, the logical connection among food quality, health and care for the territory.

The visit to the farm is an occasion to have a direct contact with nature and the rural environment, an opportunity to visit some peculiar historical ways of this land, the possibility to experiment labs for students from the nursery


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