Messapi of wine

Type of itinerary: Food and wine
Start at: Torchiarolo
Route Length: 17
Time required: mezza giornata
To be travelled: By car
Municipalities crossed: Torchiarolo, San Pietro Vernotico, Cellino San Marco, San Donaci


We leave from Torchiarolo and Torre Bartoli, which together with Torre Lo Muccio, are a classic example of towering farmhouses. Continuing our route through the Torchiarolo countryside we easily reach the sanctuary of the Madonna di Galeano, located in the middle of large expanses of olive groves.

Following northwards, we pass Masseria Piutri, (one of the nine Teaching Farmhouses of the “Terra dei Messapi”) and Masseria Pisciani (the holiday farm furthest towards the east of the Terra dei Messapi). We close the tourist ring in the northern area of Torchiarolo, visiting Valesio, the archaeological park containing the remains of ancient Roman spas and town walls: Masseria Grande is located in the site which today houses one of the “Terra dei Messapi” Info Points.

We go one until we come to San Pietro Vernotico, the town of the great Domenico Modugno. Here the artisan workshops and oil and wine producers remind us of the colours and sounds that inspired Modugno.

Through the streets of San Pietro Vernotico we will certainly arrive at the very central Piazza del Popolo. In the same square just a short distance away we will find the Palazzo dell’orologio, the former Town Hall and today partially a “Terra dei Messapi” Info Point. Then we go on to the “Wine Town”: Cellino San Marco. The rural context in this area is characterised by extensive vineyards for the productio of wine. Following the SP51, towards the Estates of Albano Carrisi, we come to Curtipetrizzi Woods (Aurito

Woods). In recent years, Cellino has taken the name of “Città del vino” (the Wine Town) and is recognised as an ideal place for the wine tourist, who after a short visit of the town can taste typical dishes, in the local vineyards, and relax along wellness routes through the olive groves. The journey through the “Negroamaro Valley” continues towards the south-west as far as San Donaci. Here numerous wine producers will open to the public for guided visits and tastings. Among these is the Cantina Cooperativa of San Donaci, the oldest wine producers of the province of Brindisi, which boasts an excellent quality of production.

Continuing along the dirt track which cuts the wet area in two, we will cross a section of road shared by another tourist itinerary: “Il limitone dei Greci”. To continue to discover the territory and therefore the end of the “Messapi di Vino” itinerary, we refer you to the itinerary entitled

“Limitone dei Greci. But meanwhile, we can tell you that San Pancrazio Salentino, the last leg of this route through the art of wine-making of the Terra dei Messapi, is the nearest Municipality to the Ionian coast of all eight Municipalities of the Local Action Group (GAL) and has many points of considerable historicalarchaeological interest.





Palazzo Baronale e Chiesa matrice

Santuario Madonna delle Grazie

Torre Bartoli

Santuario Santa Maria di Galeano

Masseria Maìme

Bosco Tramazzone



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