Masseria Torrevecchia
Via PER AVETRANA, 72026 San Pancrazio
338 8287360


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Torrevecchia farmhouse is a didactical farm too. They offer the following itineraries:

  • White: from the cow, to milk and cheese;
  • Gold: from hay spike to pasta;
  • Red: from the vine to grapes and wine;
  • Green: from the olive tree to oil;
  • Multicolor: visit the hydroponic greenhouse;

Rainbow: fruit and vegetables season.


Just outside the town of San Pancrazio Salentino, on the provincial road to Avetrana, there is the wonderful land-tourist resort “Torrevecchia”, the destination of so many tourist who, especially during the warm seasons, do not give up enjoy real moments of relax in the greenness surrounding the structure. Zootechnical farm is 200 hectares large. The most important activity of the farm is made by bovine, goat breeding and and courtyard animals. Fresh milk is used for dairy production of “ricotta, mozzarella, cacio ricotta, pampanella, caciocavallo, ecc”.

The lodgings, refined and provided with all comforts, are inside the ancient farm of 1300, restored with a great care. The typical coking from Apulia, made with biological products grown in the farm, make it a unique place where it’s possible to relax and unwind. The free time can be nicely spent in many ways: agricultural activities, swimming pool, tennis courts and bowling fields or long walks on foot, riding a bike, on horseback or by buggy that give the possibility to cross the country full of scents and joy. Moreover, we find inside a crypt of the VII century with Byzantine frescos.
Coordinates GPS:
N 40° 41’069’’
E 17° 81’340’’


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